Nov 2nd, 2017

Workout of the Day


50 Double Unders
25 Box Jumps (24/20″)
12 Step Up and Overs (45/25lbs)
5 Rounds


75 Single Unders
30 Step Ups
15 Weighted Walking Lunges
5 Rounds

Good news everyone! Today we are giving those shoulders a little break from going overhead. They still need to use them to stabilise and hold the Dumbbells, but the load is light and everyone should be fine with it. The purpose of the workout is to get the body moving out some of that junky soreness that has probably crept in over the last week or so, get their lungs working, and push those legs to a little overloading. Nothing should be overly challenging for anyone, and if it is, go ahead and scale it right back so it isn’t. The legs are going to get a little fired up for sure, so, make sure they are warm, fired up and ready to jump and step up.

We would like to encourage a jump up/step down approach for the Box Jumps, unless people are seasoned rebounders. The combination of the Double Unders, Box Jumps and Step Ups is a good amount of volume of ballistic movement through the lower leg, so make sure people look after them.

Yoga on Saturday at 8 am

Community workout at 930am

Wurstfest also starts this weekend.

Lastly,We are  hosting a USAW weightlifting Certification this weekend so if you see them this weekend say HI.

Also, Bring in your Sweater to be screen printed by next Wednesday. (Cost is $12) See sheet by Chalkboard

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