Oct 17th, 2017


30 Over the Barbell Lateral Jumps
15 Front Squat (95/65lbs)
3 Rounds


30 Over the Barbell Hops
15 Front Squat
3 Rounds

After yesterday’s gymnastic and shoulder bonanza, today we are giving our arms a rest and doing quite a bit of jumping and going below parallel! This workout is 3 rounds for time as athletes are to jump laterally over their barbell (with plates on it) 30 times to start the workout. Jumping over the bar from one side to the other is considered one rep. After athletes complete their jumps, they are to perform 15 front squats with the bar they just jumped over. The barbell weight should be a light weight that they can perform all 15 reps unbroken with. It is permissible for athletes to perform a Squat Clean as their first Front Squat rep. Legs and lungs should be burning during this fast, quick burner with the goal of being non-stop unbroken movement.




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