Oct 18th, 2017



500m Row
20 Wall Ball (20/14lbs)
40 Mountain Climbers
AMRAP 15min


500m Row
15 Wall Ball
30 Mountain Climbers
AMRAP 15min

This is fun little lung burner!

Row: We would like everyone to complete the full 500m on the row today; however, if the row takes anyone longer than 3 minutes, have them perform a maximum of 2:30 and then move on.

Wall Balls: first scale by weight and keep the same height and rep range, then scale by reps, then by target height.

Mountain Climbers: these are performed on the ground with knees coming up to the chest alternating and then returning back out to a plank position. If athletes need to take more than 3-4 breaks per set, scale the number of Mountain Climbers first. Then scale the movement by having athletes perform it on an incline (like a Bench Push Up) where their body is angled off of the ground. Another way to scale this movement would be to bring the knees up not quite as high, but try to avoid this as we want athletes to practice as full of ROM of the hip joint as possible.

Quality over quanity.

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