Oct 26th, 2017

Workout of the Day

5min AMRAP Burpee
3min Hold at the bottom position in Ring Row
rest 2min
5min AMRAP meters Row
3min Plank

We love the setup of this workout. We know how hard Static Holds can be, which is why we don’t program them all that often (probably more than most though! Sorry :-)). Usually, people will come down from a hold mentally before they physically fail, we get it, they are brutal!  But to help out we made it into a game. The rep deduction penalty Game!!! Each time they come down from the Hang, they take 3 reps of Burpee score and each time they come down from the Hold, they take 100m off Row score. So fight for your right to party and hang in there. This is a spicy one.

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