October 12th


1000m Row
30 Russian twists with MB (20/14lbs)
15 Turkish Get Ups (55/35lbs)


1000m Row
30 Russian twists with MB
10 Turkish Get Ups

(Bonus Sprints after workout.)

Today we switching things up a bit. No Barbell, no heavy loads, and a long-ish Row to kick the Workout off. We wanted a sub 10min Workout today with minimal loading and something monostructural included. We ran a few days ago, so today we are Rowing. People will most likely be a little sore and neurologically fatigued from the past few days if they have worked out three days in a row.

Also this week. See the Facebook events page for more details.

Yoga on Saturday Morning at 8am.

FREE Community Workout on Saturday at 9:30am.

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