What is Sporthalle?

Freedom Forged Through Fitness

We believe that freedom in life is found in movement. We train because we are chasing that freedom. We train because it gives us the freedom in life to do the things that matter outside of the gym: playing with our kids, running marathons, hiking epic hikes, and kicking ass into our 90's. We believe moving daily IS the foundation to living a happy, healthy, long life. We move to honor our bodies,  to live a better more fulfilling life. We move for the freedom it gives us outside of the gym, a freedom forged through fitness. Our primary goal at NBCF is not necessarily to get squat PRs and better Fran times. Our focus is on giving people freedom through health and fitness. We want to give people the freedom to achieve more in life through the fitness developed in the gym. The true wins go beyond our building: weight loss, confidence gains, getting off medication, gaining the freedom to do the things that matter outside of the gym. These are the wins that we are after. Lifting big weights, moving faster and moving better are all part of our equation, but they are not our main focus. These things happen when you focus on the right things: longevity to continue to have freedom to move as you wish outside the gym.    


We know walking through the door is the hardest part. You take the first step and we’ll meet you where you are.

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