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Move Well. Eat Well. Train Hard. Recover Hard. Be good to you. Be good to others.

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  • I never thought that I would be able to get back into shape

    ” I had been in high school and college but NBCF certainly got me there! After one workout I was very sore but hooked. The owners and coaches are fantast...

    Amber H.

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  • Workouts aren’t very fun but apparently that is the nature of the beast.

    ”Good Folks, workouts aren’t very fun but apparently that is the nature of the beast. Best to do it with good folks and that they are!”...

    Jay D.

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  • We are one big amazing family

    We are one big amazing family! A lot of blood sweat and tears…. and beers lol!!...


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  • Amazing members and great coaches

    “Love NBCF. Amazing members and great coaches that care. No bs egos, just good folks working hard and having fun.”...

    John H.

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