Hailey Hendricks

Co-Owner/Head Coach
Hailey Hendricks


  • CrossFit - Level 1
  • CrossFit - Level 2


Haily Hendricks found CrossFit in 2014 and instantly fell in love with the challenge. As an athlete, she loved the team environment, the coaching and the friendly competiton.

 She began coaching in 2016, knowing immediately she had found her calling. 

She is passionate about helping others become the healthiest version of themselves. It’s not about becoming a better CrossFitter or gym goer, it’s about becoming a better human overall. 

Fitness is about the freedom to live life bigger, better, and bolder. To live life unhindered. Hailey’s mission in life is to help others find the potential she sees in them through health and fitness.


What is your favorite thing about coaching?
My favorite thing about coaching is seeing first hand the physical and mental gains our members make in the gym. It's that moment when my athlete comes up to me with a huge smile saying "I did it, I did it and I couldn't have achieved it without you." Seeing the tangible positive impacts I can make on people's lives, that's my favorite thing about coaching.
What is one thing (not necessarily gym related) that you want to learn or get better at?
One thing I want to get better at is creating visual content that inspires others, whether it be video or written images.

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