Louis Jamison

Louis Jamison


  • CrossFit L-1
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist – National Strength & Conditioning Association
  • Power Athlete Certified Coach


  • BS - Health & Physical Education - Slippery Rock University


Louis grew up in Western Pennsylvania and loved sports. Like most kids, he played various sports growing up but eventually developed a love of football. Louis was never a naturally gifted athlete, so he used training and the weight room to just try to get himself even with his teammates. Eventually, he developed into a player that had opportunities to continue playing football in college and chose to play at Slippery Rock University, one of the top Division 2 programs in the country. He chose to study Health & Physical Education because one of his high school coaches was so instrumental in his development as a player and as a person.

After playing 5 years of football and graduating with numerous academic awards, he moved to Texas to start life with his wife, Jamie. Louis spent time as a teacher/coach, as a sales professional, and then as a homeschool dad. About that time is when he came across CrossFit. He started as a member who wanted to get in better shape and enjoy the friendly competitiveness. As he continued along his journey, he was active coaching most of his kids sports and leading their various activities. He knew at some point He would get back in the coaching world.

That point came in 2018 when he had a chance to work with the Homeschool PE program offered at NBCF. Since then, he has grown into leading the Homeschool PE program, leading the youth summer programs, personal training clients, and coaching CF and DG classes. His passion is helping youth and beginners find enjoyment and early success in the gym so they can develop a lifelong habit of fitness.

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