October 5th


30 Back Squats (205/115lbs)
1Mile Run

10 Back Squats
400m Run
3 Rounds
“San Francisco Crippler”

The intention of this workout is in it’s name. ? Ha! Not really that bad, but it definitely has an interesting effect during and after the workout. If you aren’t feeling a little sore from yesterday’s barbell couplet, you be will for sure after today. We aren’t glorifying being sore and fatigued, this is rather a warning that perhaps Saturday or Sunday might be a rest day for you, and if that isn’t the case, then ensure  you are being smart about your  recovery between sessions.

Fitness: We have reduced the volume and portioned out the workout into more manageable rounds for these athletes today. Use a load in which they can always perform 10 reps of Squats unbroken. The only logistical issue here might be the lack of racks you have for them to go back and forth for each round. You could get them started a little later once everyone has gone through their set of 30 Back Squats, or you can have them take the barbell from the ground.


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