Building Unbreakable Immunity

Building a strong immune system can start now. Like, literally, right this second. We’re in the midst of a pandemic and the information that we’re being fed is incredibly conflicted. From numbers of infected to mortality rates. All of the charts seem to be different and all of the experts have an opinion. All of the politicians at the top have varying opinions and seem to be prioritizing politics over health. The media is fighting back and forth and pointing fingers at everyone. You’re being swamped with information that is, literally, impossible to dissect.

Like anything in life, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. But even still, what would we do with the truth if we had it? Your knowledge of how serious or mild this situation is doesn’t change the situation. Now is the time to drown the noise out with silence and focus on what you can control. Take note of what you can do right now for you, your family, your friends, your fellow humans. Start with physically distancing yourself because we do know that this thing is highly contagious. Notice, I didn’t use the phrase “socially distance.” Yeeaaahh, so, that would be the worst thing you could do during a time like this. Stay social with the people you care about. Otherwise, we’ll all lose our minds.

As far as your health, I can tell you that in your personal space there are a handful of things you can use and that are at your disposal to ensure your immune system has a fighting chance. I’d say this to someone immunocompromised, I’d say this to the elderly, I’d say this to the healthy middle aged person.

#1 Breath work. There are many methodologies that could be used. In the video below, you’ll see my wife and I working through Wim Hof breathing that includes breath holds. The idea is to tap into the parasympathetic nervous system. Wim Hof has shown the world that is it possible to control one’s autonomic nervous system through breath work and cold water therapies. This means YOU get to decide if you want to be sick or not. This isn’t woo woo talk. This has been discussed, studied, and proven in University/Medical settings. It is a thing.

Also, find yourself consciously breathing more throughout the day. Let your breath create your movement. An example of that can be seen in the video below where I inhale to move myself up into space and exhale to move myself back to Earth. Think about that when you’re reaching into a cabinet for a bowl, when you’re sitting down on the couch, and with every movement of your next training session.

#2 Cold water therapy. You’ll see at the end of the breath video posted above an example of a cold water therapy called “cold water dousing.” This idea has been used by the Russians forever and those who practice seem to be ahead of the curve when it comes to good health. Walk outside first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening and slowly pour cold water over yourself. The health benefits are incredible. I cover that HERE in a blog I wrote about dousing. Other methods would include ice baths, cold river/lake baths, and to a lesser extent, cold showers.

#3 Mushrooms. There is an incredible fear surrounding these sacred beings because of two things: #1 psilocybin (magic mushrooms) and #2 there is still so much uncharted territory when it comes to the study of fungi. Good thing, there has been extensive research in areas concerning certain mushrooms that should calm some of those fears. There are a handful of incredibly powerful mushrooms that positively affect our immune systems.

Agarikon Mushrooms, Reishi Mushrooms (The Mushroom of Immortality), and Turkey Tail Mushrooms are three mushrooms that pack a powerful punch when it comes to our health and immunity.

Agarikon has shown to have strong antibacterial properties that fight tuberculosis. It also has strong antiviral properties that have shown to fight off cowpox, swine and bird flu, and herpes.

Reishi has immune boosting properties, has shown to have anti cancer properties, is said to fight off fatigue and depression, and may have heart and blood sugar benefits.

Turkey Tail has many of the same benefits as Reishi with its antioxidants, immune system support, and cancer fighting properties. 

#4 Exercise. I’d be careful how intense you work simply because the immune system takes a bit of a hit from the stress of intense work. I’m not saying to not get after it, but maybe dial it back a little. Remember, when you work hard enough to create soreness, the soreness is because you’ve broken tissue down. Your immune system steps in to help you recover from that. Just like you being at work, if your immune system is spread too thin, there can be a price to pay. You should also have a great recovery protocol to lean on in between training sessions.

#5 Cardiorespiratory training should be at the forefront of your training. You don’t have to do anything crazy, but get those lungs working. Part of your morning routine should be a nice brisk walk. Move with purpose. Get a slow swim in, maybe a light jog, bike ride, or a hike through a nature trail.

#6 Nutrition. Keep it clean. An alkaline protocol would be best, but do what you can. Stay away from the inflammatory stuff and dig into the anti inflammatories. Stay hydrated with water, not sports drinks, alcohol, sodas, etc. Water. It’s what you’re made of and what you should replenish everyday.

The benefits of each of these ideas take hold almost immediately. Virus or not, this is a way to not only live, but to thrive.

Treat your mind, body, and spirit well and they will treat you well.

– Jason

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