Alex Barrett

Alex Barrett


  • CrossFit L-1 trainer


  • BBA from Northwood University


Alex found CrossFit in 2016 while searching for a way to get healthier for her new life and husband. She wanted that awesome wedding body. Being a former college athlete, the structure and variety of movements and skills mixed with mental and physical challenges made CrossFit a home run in her books. She has continued learning and growing from there through other obstacles of life (two pregnancies). If you ask her why she trains, it’s to keep up with those two crazy kids.

She started coaching in 2022. What makes her light up most is seeing people improve. “Seeing people get super excited after their form or skill improves and they start being able to do things they have never done before, is the reason I started coaching,” she said. The community at Sporthalle-New Braunfels Crossfit is what keeps me coming back. It’s a good time to be miserable with others,” she joked. All jokes aside Alex’s mission is to get people mentally and physically stronger and healthier one work out at a time. “I want everybody to enjoy their fitness journey, improve their being, and do it safely,” she said.

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